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Prayer and Action: Welcome
What is Prayer and Action?

Prayer and Action is a mission experience in the Diocese of Savannah that reaches out to various communities in the Savannah area, providing for those most in need. This is done by the laboring hands and the open hearts of high school students and their adult leaders. It is an overnight camp that runs from Sunday to Friday.

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This Is Who We Are

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Prayer and Action 2015

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'Prayer in action is love,

Love in action is service.'


Mother Teresa

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Prayer and Action: FAQ
Summer 2021



SAVANNAH -June 13-18 and June 20-25. 

AUGUSTA - June 27-July 2

The camp begins on Sunday with 5:00 Mass and ends on Friday at 10:30 a.m.



The cost for each teen and adult youth leader is $175.00 which covers the costs of food, materials, housing, and programming.  



  • What we do and what to bring

   Daily Schedule


                                    7:00 a.m.        Wake up/Walking Rosary

                                    7:30                 Mass

                                    8:00                 Breakfast and prepare sack lunches

                                    9:15                 Travel to work sites and begin work

                                    12:00               Eat lunch at work site

                                    3:30                 Clean up and leave work site

                                    4:00                 Showers and free time

                                    4:45                 Dinner preparations

                                    5:00                 Adult leader meeting

                                    5:30                 Dinner

                                    7:00                 Evening activity

                                    8:00                 Collatio (Large group, skit, prayer, and worship time)

                                    9:15                 Parish group time followed by free time

                                    11:00               Night prayer

                                    11:15               Lights out!

What to bring

  1.  Mask

  2.  Hand sanitizer

  3.  Water bottle

  4.   Work clothes (something appropriate to paint in), all shirts must have sleeves.

  5.   Recreational clothes, appropriate swim suits

  6.   Towel

  7.   Sun screen

  8.   Notebook/journal to write in with a writing utensil

  9.   Toiletries (soap, shampoo, toothpaste, sanitary items, etc)

  10.   Recreational activities (playing cards, games, frisbees, footballs, etc)

  11.   Snack food

  12. Sleeping bag (a blow up mattress or cot is also fine to bring, but we are not responsible for it)

  13. Pillow


Please try and have all clothing items marked with your teen’s name.

Remember that we are a Christian camp and modesty is expected.  Shirts with sleeves and appropriate length shorts.  Also, some of the areas we are serving ask that the students be in shorts that cover the top of the legs.  Please have your student bring at least one pair of longer shorts. 

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